My Unexpected Little Blessing

The surprise of a baby with Down syndrome – the story begins at the bottom of this page.

Forever Changed

on September 24, 2012

Here we are with our first present day post. It took me a while to catch everyone up – but now we are current. Regan is just a little over 3 months old now. (Wow….cannot believe how fast this goes.) And I just have to say this has been the best 3 months ever! This little girl brings so much joy to me every day. Indescribable! A week ago her early interventionist came to our home for the first time, and might I say that she was more than impressed with our little Regan. We had mentioned to her that Regan will mimic us when we tell her, “I love you”.  At first I don’t think she believed us. But later Regan showed her exactly what we were describing. It was awesome. She was blown away that Regan was doing that at 3 months old. (We were so proud!) She said she would guess Regan will be quite the talker – as she makes lots of noise already!

Regan is doing pretty well with her head control as well. When carried she is holding it up for periods of about 15 seconds or so. Then she wobbles a bit, lol, and holds it up some more. When on tummy time she is starting to hold it up for a few seconds at a time which is a huge improvement for her. And just today we noticed her using her elbows as a support – which is great! We are working with her on rolling over – but not as much luck with that yet. But it is still early. She can do it by herself from being placed on her side – which is a good start. So we will keep working with her on that. Overall the early interventionist told us that we should be very encouraged by our little one and her efforts.

On another note – something re-entered my mind today. As I have mentioned before I turned down all prenatal testing for genetic defects. Nothing was going to change my mind about keeping my baby – nothing! My husband and I discussed the possibility of having a baby with Down syndrome – and said that it may be tough at times – but we will take whatever challenges we get. Around 20-25 weeks in my pregnancy, I was on the computer and saw something related to DS. (Can’t remember exactly what it was.) I do remember getting this very clear feeling that if someone in my family was going to have a baby with DS, that it was going to be me. I never gave it too much thought then. And it didn’t feel as though someone in my family (or myself) was going to have a baby with DS, just that if someone did, that for some reason, it would be me. It is very interesting to think back on that now. As here I am, the one member of the family with a baby with DS. I am a very spiritual person, so I definitely can see that this was the spirit talking to me. But even if you are not a religious person, I think anyone could see the irony in this situation. Simply amazing how things work out sometimes!

We love that little girl, whom just happens to have DS. Todd and I are forever changed by simply having her. Immediately we became better people. Not that we weren’t before – just better now! We have Regan and her awesomeness to thank for that! We believe that the world needs more people with DS, not fewer! More of the kind of people who can only see the good – exactly what we all should strive for!


6 responses to “Forever Changed

  1. Candace says:

    I’ve been catching up on your blog and I think that you have made a wonderful start. I was so happy to have gotten the chance to visit and to hold Regan, she is a beautiful little girl. I wondered if you had family near and I read that you don’t. My husband has health problems and that sometimes runs our lives, but we are home quite a bit and would be happy to help if you need us. Candy and Ernie Wragg

  2. Candace says:

    Sorry we couldn’t make it the other night. Hope it was a productive evening. Ernie had 2 doctor appointments and was worn out. We sure did appreciate being thought of though. I’ll bet little Regan has grown since we saw her. Maybe one day if its convenient you can come here or we can go there for a visit. When you are older and your children are grown its a treat to be around infants. I’m glad you liked the quilt and the odd taggie, hopefully they’ll play a small part in some happy family memories. Let us know if you would like dinner brought to you on a hectic day or some other type of help. We’d like to get to know you.

    • brandy51980 says:

      Hi Candace! No problem on not making it the other night. I know Todd wants to have another one in a couple of weeks when they have another debate. We will let you know!

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