My Unexpected Little Blessing

The surprise of a baby with Down syndrome – the story begins at the bottom of this page.

Trisomy 21

on September 19, 2012

Waiting for the genetic test to come back was a very long and painful process. We had some medical staff saying it was likely, and some saying they didn’t see it. I think this made it more difficult for us because we would hold on very tightly to the idea that Regan was going to be just fine. Then the results came in – Trisomy 21 confirmed. It was a very bittersweet moment. We felt overwhelmed about what might be ahead, unsure of what this would mean for us. But a part of us also felt relieved that now we knew, and that awful waiting part was over.

We were given some generals about DS, but as each child is different, there really isn’t a way of knowing what Regan’s life will hold. Only she will unfold that story for us. We worried… would others treat her? What types of things will she understand, and what will she not? What medical issues are we looking at? How will we afford her care? There were so many questions.

Todd and I had some rough days, but the good days outnumbered them. With each day that passed we became more comfortable with her diagnosis, and it would get a little easier. Worries were still there….but they became less encompassing as time went by. Seeing our baby girl smile at us could take all of that away in a hurry. Quickly we came to the understanding that this is the little girl that we are meant to love and care for. And she is the little girl meant to bring joy and a new wonderful outlook to us, and everyone around her.

I did not have the prenatal testing done to detect any genetic condition, and I am glad I didn’t. Not that I am personally against the testing; I think each individual should choose whether knowing prenatally or at birth is best. I do however disagree with 90% of the population that does not see the value in a child that may not have the “normal” label – whatever that is. For a small second I feel sad for those parents and what they missed out on. That child would have touched their lives in amazing ways that they will never know. But mostly I wish that this special child could have been given a chance. The same chance my child is going to have. Life. And a happy and successful one if Todd and I have anything to say about it.

Actually……….we do have a say in this. The one thing I have heard over and over from medical professionals, as well as parents of children with DS is that, the more love and encouragement you give your child, the more your child can accomplish. And you can be sure that we are going to give her everything she needs to be a happy successful young lady! And I am so excited to watch her grow in that journey.

I am sure there will be some tough times ahead. The struggle I have most often is thinking, “If 90% of the population doesn’t want to keep their own child that may have Down syndrome, then why would they be kind to mine?”. But I can’t think like that, or I will drive myself nuts! I know Regan’s value as a person, Todd knows it, our family and friends know it, and most importantly, God knows it. And this is the path that he has laid out for us. This path we accept.

“God does not necessarily choose the qualified, but He will qualify the chosen.”


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